About The Company

The family company Zero manufactures and sells attractive fittings for all types of space. We use up-to-date technology our designers are innovative problem solvers who often us. All 80 percent of our subcontractors are located nearby. This is both environmentally sound and offers flexibility when it comes to varying and modifying projects., quality, attraction and durability have been watchwords since our beginnings in 1978.

Quality Control

Quality Control

The products listed below have been certified and evaluated independently by Acoustic Facts, regarding their acoustic characteristics. Acoustic data that has been certified, evaluated and broadcasted by Acoustic Facts gives credibility for the use of the product throughout the design process. Performing calculations with evaluated products imply safe design of any room and satisfied end users. 

Acoustic facts is a world leading expert in interior acoustics with the goal to create a more sustainable interior sound environment which leads to more productive people with better health and wellbeing.

Certified objects

Block by Zero certified by acousticfacts.com


0.0528 m3
Dimensions (LxHxW mm)
Evaluation Characteristics
Mounting Conditions
Free Hanging