PARAFON Classic A 15 mm



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Suspended ceiling
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PARAFON Classic is a removable sound absorber of high-quality with A- and E-edge designs for installation in grid systems. With a surface of coloured glass fabric with low gloss and aesthetic appearance it is suitable for suspended ceilings in all kinds of interior environments. PARAFON Classic has the highest fire class A1 according to EN 13501-1 and has a core of non-combustible stone wool that keeps its shape even at very high temperatures in case of fire. For a fireproof overall solution, the installation of PARAFON Classic is recommended with a Prelude grid system, and we can also offer a K210-classified solution for fireproof lining with these products.

Absorption MeasurementGraph
Equivalent Sound Absorption Area (m2 Sabine)/ Unit
αw = 0,90
NRC = 0.85