Parafon® Step for Grids



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Parafon STEP is an acoustic ceiling solution that offers expansive opportunities to create attractive and unique interiors where the suspended ceiling not only serves as a neutral base, but also contributes to the decor of the room and enhances the overall experience. With the Step concept, we work with sound absorbers in different formats and thicknesses that result in varied height levels. The different heights and geometric forms can be mounted to create patterns in any number of possible variations, while your choice of colour also gives you further possibilities to create your own unique acoustic ceiling.  Parafon STEP is made from stone wool, an excellent material for sound absorption with the additional benefit of being completely non-combustible. In STEP we make use of the contrast between the natural rough structure of the stone wool on the acoustic tiles’ visible edges and the smooth surfaces, which further contributes to the dynamics and variation of the concept. Parafon STEP for Grids are mounted in a suspended T-15 grid system, which is painted in the same colour as the absorbers.

Result in the absorption report are based on a equal mix of thicknesses 18, 34 and 50 mm.

Measurement reports
Absorption MeasurementGraph
Practical sound absorption coefficient
αw = 0.95
NRC = 0.95