PARAFON Exclusive A 18 mm



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Suspended ceiling
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PARAFON Exclusive is an exclusive acoustic panel with large flexibility of suspended ceiling design with high aesthetic demands. With an area of high quality colored fiberglass blanket, high light reflectance and low gloss it lends itself well in all interior environments, and also for solutions with indirect lighting. PARAFON Exclusive comes in several formats and edge configurations for installation in Prelude standard grids, designer grids or for direct mounting. PARAFON Exclusive has the highest fire class A2,s1-d0 according to EN 13501-1 and has a core of non-combustible stone wool that keeps its shape even at very high temperatures in case of fire. For a fireproof overall solution, it is recommended to install with a Prelude grid.

Measurement reports
Absorption MeasurementGraph
Practical sound absorption coefficient
αw = 0,40(MH)
NRC = 0.60