BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixels



BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixels
Surface ID
Evaluated Characteristics
Absorption, Sound Insulation, Diffusion
Mounting Conditions
Ceiling, Wall
Air Gap (mm)
Surface Type
Wall Absorbent, Ceiling Absorbent
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Short Information

With its unique form the BAUX 3D PIXEL offers a new and innovative way to control your sound environment in small rooms and limited spaces. Improve the sound quality within your reception area, corridor or office in a creative three-dimensional way. By adding a three-dimensional structure, we introduce a new and exiting element of design. Create something spectacular while creating a beautiful and enjoyable audio atmosphere and visual experience.The three dimensions of the BAUX PIXEL 3D come in three sizes 25, 50 and 70. Combined they can create the most extraordinary combination and designs.


Result in the absorption report are based on a equal mix of thicknesses 25, 50 and 70 mm.

Measurement reports
Absorption MeasurementGraph
Practical sound absorption coefficient
αw = 0.50
NRC = 0.60