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How sound works in rooms

Hi everyone! we found an informative video on youtube that we want to share with you. 



Upphandlingsguiden (Swedish) som kvalitetsgranskar och utvärderar inredningsprodukter med akustiska egenskaper släpper nu en upphandlingsguide. Acoustic facts med sin...


Acousticfacts on Furniture Fair in Stockholm

On Thursday this week we will present on a seminar in the Furniture fair in Stockholm,


How to design a good sound environment

Good sound environment implies more productive people with better health and well-being....


Malaysian international furniture fair

The 4 of March the Malaysian international furniture fair (MIFF 2014) takes place in Kuala Lumpur, ....


N10 A New Measure for speech absorption

N10 is a new measure that can be used to set adequate sound absorption requirements, primarily for floor screens and desk screens if they are aimed to be used as...

2017-02-22 has now been active for six months!

We have increased the number of clients from five to fourteen and the number of products evaluated is now close to one hundred. They emanates from...


How laboratory measurements are done

Making laboratory measurements on absorption are not as difficult as it may sound. A brief explanation of the procedure is given here in order to inform our clients...


Why is it better to make measurements in real rooms, than to model the room?

Prior to calculate the need for additional sound absorption using the products in you need to know the...