The sound environment affects the health care results

The environment in a hospital or in any other health care premises will help patients to deal with the stress and disquiet that is connected to a disease and it should facilitate for the staff to carry out their work in the very best manner. The number of annoying sound in the health care sector has increased very much during the last decade as a result of increased use of technical equipment and more fast turnover of patients.

Research shows that annoying sound has a negative impact both on the medical and the financial result – studies also show that as the sound environment is improving it has a positive impact on the health care results. Therefore it is a very good investment to identify the different types of rooms in a hospital and understand which type of sound that is emitted in each type of room. Newly built health care facilities will affect the results for the next 30-40 years. Hence it is necessary to consider the sound environment as new facilities are designed and include an acoustic strategy in that work.

The acoustic challenge is to identify the right measures for each room in order to provide a healing and good sound environment.

Klas Hagberg from Acoustic Facts is one of the speakers at the lunch seminar "The sound environment affects the health care results" together with Maria Quinn, Concept Developer at Ecophone


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