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Acoustics can be a very complex topic. We at Acoustic Facts are aiming to make it a little bit easier to understand. As you may already know all the products that is published at has been evaluated by us. For the registered users we provide tools so they can create virtual rooms and give them an indication of how the sound environment will be with the selected products in them. 

To help all of you out there to understand the process of the product evaluations and the tools that we provide we now offer live chat at If you click on the button down in the right corner you will activate the live chat. Ask any question! 

2017-02-22 Press Release

The acoustic environment indoors affects us all, both at home and at work. Today it’s well known that the acoustic environment in e g offices and schools causes...


Acousticfacts at Archidex2014 visited Archidex 2014 in Kuala Lumpur 25-28 of June.  We had the chance to spread our initiative to a...


Just a few hours left!

The registrations for the events in Gothenburg and Stockholm is now closed. The intrest in has been overwhelming, about 100 people has signed up...