Development update 2015

One year has past since first launched and a lot of exciting things have happened. We now have approximately 100 products  being evaluated by us and everyday we are getting new users, using our intuitive calculation tools. Step by step we are helping people and companies around the globe to create a more sustainable sound environment. 

This is just the first step. We´ve been listening to our users and early next year we will be updating with some new features. One of the most important is to introduce surfaces bigger than 10 m2.


A new product type will be launched 2015, “Surface”. Products /plane absorbers comprising a surface larger than 10m2 will be evaluated using Alfa (α) according to the international standard ISO 11654. This can be applied to products like ceiling absorbers, drapes, big carpets and wall absorbers with a surface bigger than 10m2. This will be integrated in to our calculation model, but instead of showing the user the number of products to use to reach their target value, they will see how many square meters that are needed in order to reach the target value.  This will expand the use of

Additionally the American evaluation NRC will be included. NRC is widely used in US and in Asia and by providing this value we will facilitate for our users around the globe to better understand the numbers and their mutual relation, in order to achieve a more sustainable indoor sound environment.


Acousticfacts on Furniture Fair in Stockholm

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