has now been active for six months!

We have increased the number of clients from five to fourteen and the number of products evaluated is now close to one hundred. They emanates from different manufacturers with various ideas on which products that can be used in order to improve the sound climate in an indoor environment. It can be screens, sofas, workstations, curtains, room dividers, free hanging units, stools or single absorbers for walls as decoration or…. Feel free to come up with ideas.

The acoustic expert team in evaluates these products to secure that all products broadcasted on the site are evaluated according to the same standardized procedure. Hence, using products in implies that it has passed an independent evaluation procedure, securing the acoustic characteristics of the products. It is easy to compare products and easy to choose the best product fitted to your needs. Still since questions always arise, the acousticfacts team is available on the chat on line. Ask for help and we will answer. That is one thing amongst others that you gain as a member and user of!

We are aiming at always improving One important thing is to develop the Swedish standard SS 25269 into an International standard. That is one reason why we are part of the ISO standardization and why we have taken initiative to revise current ISO 10053. One option is to integrate ISO 10053 with SS 25269, however the topic has to be discussed in the working group during the ISO meetings in May 2014.

We are looking forward to further develop the site by integrating national standards (in countries where they exist) in the calculation module, implying that you do not need to pre specify a reverberation time, just choose a room and the requirements will follow, everything in order to simplify the use. We are also working on a measurement tool using smartphones currently being evaluated. Measure the reverberation time in an existing room, then directly upload the measured octave band values to the site. When the values are uploaded, specify the room volume and add products in order to reach your target value. Target value that you choose from the standard in use in your country!

This is some of the ideas we are working on in order to improve the site. Nevertheless, we are open for any ideas from you, email us and tell us what you miss. – For a global sustainable indoor environment

All the best.

The Acoustic Facts Team

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