Acoustic Facts – promoting future indoor work places

When designing a new office you have to consider how the work environment will change in the future. There are three important issues to consider

  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Interior space

Watch this short informative movie and consider, what are your needs? Regarding technology and interior space the products in can help you to develop your premises to a future attractive and creative work space. However, it is not only when planning new offices that the work environment should be considered!

In future we will work more and more on travels whit wireless tools, which require temporary workplaces anywhere! So, if you are developer of public spaces e.g. airports or any other space where you should provide temporary workspaces in order to attract the future people, don´t forget to use technology and products that can help you to create these temporary workspaces.



Acousticfacts on Furniture Fair in Stockholm

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