About The Company

At the end of the vast flat lands of southern Sweden, at the edge of the Baltic Sea, lies the small town of Åhus. This is the setting for ateljé Lyktan, a lighting manufacturer with an 85-year long history and an archive of lights that have defined Swedish design over the last century. But ateljé Lyktan is not resting on its laurels. It is busy creating the next generation of lighting.

Working with a host of renowned contemporary designers, ateljé Lyktan designs, develops and manufactures luminaires for outdoor and indoor environments. They all take shape here in the 12 000 sqm factory, overlooking the farmlands of southern Sweden.

Ateljé Lyktan puts light, people and the environment at the centre. The importance of light for human activities and welfare is what motivates us. With our solid lighting knowledge, long experience and breadth, we create innovative, energy efficient and sustainable products. It is a responsibility we have and a contribution we make to the world around us.

By creating lighting solutions with high quality best adapted to people’s requirements and with the least possible impact on the environment, ateljé Lyktan contributes to, and takes responsibility for, a sustainable development within society in general.

Quality Control

Quality Control

The products listed below have been certified and evaluated independently by Acoustic Facts, regarding their acoustic characteristics. Acoustic data that has been certified, evaluated and broadcasted by Acoustic Facts gives credibility for the use of the product throughout the design process. Performing calculations with evaluated products imply safe design of any room and satisfied end users. 

Acoustic facts is a world leading expert in interior acoustics with the goal to create a more sustainable interior sound environment which leads to more productive people with better health and wellbeing.

Certified objects

Hood by Ateljé Lyktan


Ateljé Lyktan
2.16 m3
Dimensions (LxHxW)
3000 x 600 x 1200 mm
Evaluation Characteristics
Mounting Conditions
Free Hanging