About acousticfacts

The sound environment

indoors affects us all, both at home and at work. Today it’s well known that the acoustic environment in e g offices and schools causes health issues such as elevated stress and headaches. 

It’s difficult for interior designers, architects and similar to verify that the acoustic environment in the finished room fulfils the building regulations, and especially to verify that the acoustic environment is adequate for them who stays in the room. The problem thus far is twofold: 

  1. Lack of fair acoustic data

  2. The connection between the products and how they interact with real rooms has been restricted only to experts.

This has been a major problem until now.

Acousticfacts.com gives manufacturers the possibility to get a third party evaluation of their interior products. Our acoustic experts make an objective assessment using the new Swedish standard SS 25269 in order to guarantee quality.

Once the product has been evaluated, the data gets published and kept updated here on acousticfacts.com.  The product also gets marked with our acoustic facts tag. A QR code on the tag links the product to the data on acousticfacts.com. 

Powerful tools

For the registered users acoustic facts provides some powerful tools. Do an indication calculation of the reverberation time in a virtual room. Let the computer calculate how many of a certain product you need to get a good sound environment.

Print a report of the room and use it as support when you buy products. Use the graph view to compare the products acoustic performance with each other. This is just some of the tools. Best of all, it's all for free!

Watch the demo here. 

This innovative and bold cooperation

between the furniture industry and acoustic excellence builds a bridge between aesthetics and technology, which will benefit the sound environment for millions of people in the world. In turn, this will lead to healthier and more productive people.


Acustic Facts main focus is product evaluations but we also provide a wide range of services to help you create a more sustainable sound environment.

Here is some of them; interior acoustics, labratory measurments, seminars and courses, auralization and VR, product development and building acoustics. Read more about our services here